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French Open Tennis Betting

Since the advent of satellite TV and the internet, tennis has become one of the most popular sports to bet on. This particularly applies to French Open 2014 Betting.  Tennis backers and fans alike can test their knowledge, opinions and beliefs on the likely outcomes of both matches and the tournament itself.

The Bookmakers have been quick to facilitate this hugely popular pastime and have created many incentives for tennis followers to back themselves and hopefully make a decent profit in the process. For this tournament we have teamed up with Paddy Power bookmakers who will be offering amongst other things French Open Free Bets on every conceivable outcome.

Clearly the most popular wager is to back on the outright winner of the tournament, but there are many other options available. For instance you can bet on who the runner up will be, the semi-final line ups, first seeded player to be eliminated, set betting, score betting, nationality betting. There are literally scores of options and for the clever backer a small fortune could easily be made from one tournament alone, and often is.

French Open Outright Betting

This is quite simple to understand all you need to do is select a player who you think might win the tournament and back him or her to do so. The French Open 2011 Tennis Odds will obviously vary from player to player but the shortest odds will be placed on those who the bookmakers, the rankings, the seedings think will win.

For instance, French Open Champion Rafael Nadal is the favourite to win his 9th French Open Title and the French Open Mens Singles Odds reflect this. His price, however, is fairly short so in order to win a large amount of money by backing him you will need to be prepared to invest.

Meanwhile the womens tournament is very much more open and it is quite clear that several players have the form and pedigree to win.

Current champion Na Li and she will once again be in the running for the title. Many experts believe that she will she be unable to retain her crown and  there may be a much better bet to be made elsewhere. For instance, the 2012 Australian Open winner Victoria Azarenka is in great form, as is Petra Kvitova and Serena Williams who can never be ruled out.

The odds of all players will be freely available from Paddy Power on this site, it is just a matter of following their links and prompts to make any bet. It is difficult to oppose Nadal from claiming a fifth French crown, but Schiavone is certainly nowhere near as certain, in fact we think she will not win and would prefer to offer an alternative French Open Tip for your consideration.

French Open Match Betting

Once the draw has been made, the bookmakers will produce odds for each individual match. This is where the astute tennis backer/follower can really make some profit. On this site you will find form guides, past performances, world rankings, seedings plus plenty of background information to help you make your selections. We will also include some match tipping in the process. There are so many Free Bet opportunities via the site that you can bet without worry.

French Open Set Betting

Another easy bet to understand. Options are given for the backer to bet on how many sets each match will go and what the sets scores are likely to be. These bets usually carry excellent odds and is often an easy way to make a profit.